Thursday, 16 February 2012

Candle Lite Card

Today, I have a very special card to share and I love it's cuteness because of it's shape and size.  But what is even more important is the feel of the card . . 

The receiver pulls the tag to light the candle and it says "Thank You!" On the inside I have written message "You enlightened my world" so.. apt to thank somebody.     

How I made this.. took a plastic sheet, twine, a flower and cut some paper pieces to make the candle shape and flame.
Taped the twine in between two flame pieces.
Glued them together..
This portion is similar to the double slider card technique much simpler because it slides to one side only.  Taped the plastic sheet, one side on the flame and the other on the back of the candle.
Added card pieces on three sides to secure the flame movement.
This is how the candle looks..
I have decorated the candle with a poinsettia flower which would make it appropriate for Christmas and as it is a candle it could be made for Diwali.  So ..

Thank you! 
You enlightened my world.


  1. Its so pretty. LIke the shape too.


  2. Awesome interactive card. Love it!

  3. thank you Sonia for liking the card.


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