Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cake Card

Last time I had made the heart bouquet card and that was much appreciated So, with the encouragement I could come up with another card idea.  I actually have so many ideas popping in  my head but I could do it because of you guys.  Here's the card that I have made and it's a three layer Cake Card .. 

First, I cut 3 circles - one each of big, medium and small sizes.  I draw these circles using crockery plates so it was much easier and I got perfect and desired sizes of the circles.  All three circles are of the same color.

For the inside of the card I have cut two medium size circles but of different color paper.. a little darker shade of pink to show the effect and difference when it's open.  These two circle should be combined as in the image below.  To ensure that these circles stay join together, I folded a page in half and then draw and cut the circle shapes together.  I also added tape at the back of the joint to doubly sure that these wouldn't tear apart even after opening and closing several times.  I then added this piece to the medium size card (of lite pink color).  Adding a ribbon on the side of it will help open the card easily and this completes the middle layer of the card.

To give depth to the layers of the cake I have pasted cardboard circles in between each layer.  An alternative and easier way to do that would be adding double sided foam tape. 

Finally, put all the layer together.  As the card itself looks super duper yummy I didn't do much to decorate it. This is how the card looks with it's open.. 

 Another view of the card ..

Do post your comments to let me know if you liked the idea behind this card.  

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