Friday, 10 February 2012

Love Express - Toy Train

I'm Super-excited to share my latest craft project and it's a Toy Train - Love Express! 

Basically I used some boxes as the bogies and bottom of the engine.  Engine's circular shape is custom cut (Cello tape cardboard, shuttlecock box or  chips box can also be used).  Train Tiers are made of black paper cut into flower shape, two mirrors added as the headlights.

I used a fabric flower to make the smoke of the chimney and chimney is made of toilet paper roll.

Two cute passengers riding the train.. I had other plans to keep my perfume bottles in this place but not until I'm done with the overdose of cuteness of these soft toys.

This is the Goods Wagon and it's carrying Flower pots.  I have used egg cartons to make the flower pots then stuffed them with some sponge and decorated with flowers on top.

For the Caboose I simply made a sign that says "Bon Voyage".  The green plastic design came off of a brush   used for washing clothes and pink thread that's joining the train parts is from the rice packaging. 

Love Express is on it's way to spread Love this Valentine, Bon Voyage!


  1. Such a sweet way to recycle. Awesome idea. I think my daughter would love making one like this

  2. Its so cute. LOve the idea too.



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