Saturday, 11 October 2014

Making Notepads

My latest passion is making notepads. At first I made one notepad but then I liked it so much I had to make more. 

These notepads are good for making notes also for drawing as I used drawing quality paper.  

I used Velcro for closure. Sample drawing..

This one is little black book ;) lol .. 

I stitched a bunch of papers to bind in the book and used the corrugated cardboard as the cover.

Aren't these pretty and addicting to make.. 


  1. So good to see how you used corrugated paper

    1. I love corrugated paper, pattern paper , textured paper so much that some of my friends think im crazy for paper n stuff :)

  2. Ηi! I loved the green one!!!!!!You have a whole collection of them now! Love Zoozoo!

    1. hey ZooZoo, hope your are doing well .. yes! i have whole collection and im enjoying doodling and coloring so much these days ..


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