Friday, 1 March 2013

Late Valentine Cupid

I know it is very late (almost like a valencrime) for me to add cupid card now cause valentine is long gone .. but I was working on this card then instead of cupid's arrow I was struck with 'no crafting mood' syndrome :) so this card was left like that.. 

When I felt little better first thing I did is complete it with a vine and some flowers ..

I was trying to match it with bunch in the image ..  

Hope it looks better now .


  1. very cute ,i do not feel valentine day ever finishes for love birds. which image paper you use ,can you please tell me.

  2. Hey Ayesha ! Glad to see you back ..making card again !I loved the cute cupid card and the vine looks pretty too !

  3. Hi dear, left you an award in my blog please do visit my blog & receive it.. Hope u like it.

  4. Hi r u doing? This card is cute, u have definitely managed to match the vine with the image. Am passing the Liebster Blog Award....hope it will help you out of the "no crafting mood" syndrome :-). Take care!!!


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