Saturday, 12 May 2012


HO HO HO ! dear Santa is stuck in the chimney and looks like he forgot the gift outside ..

I made a pocket to hold the gift in place, chimney bricks are made with 2 different shades of red, added glitter to show snow on roof top, some hanging decorations from the roof  and added cotton on Santa's pant.  

 The Gift ...


  1. Your cards are always so unique-- I find myself peering at your projects like in a treasure hunt to find treasures!
    Ayesha do start entering more challenges-- your talent is immense and I feel it needs some more exposure! Try Feline Playful you are sure to find a challenge which fits your project!

  2. And yes the hatrick is now 4 as the next post of mine features Santa too-- I was hesitating to post it as I am not to happy about the tutorial I have made for it!
    If ever you come to Bangalore I definitely have to meet you!!

  3. Dear Sonia your words have really touched my heart .. please check my email thanks ton !!


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