Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Flowers from my Scrapbook

These are some flowers from my Scrapbook pages.. 
 Used an old book pages to make the flowers and added a button as the center piece.

 Multi-colored paper flower with a mirror in the center.

 I used transparent glittery nail paint to turn a simple flower into a glossy one.
 Fabric flower

Fabric and paper mixed to make this flower.  So, what if I lost one piece of earring from the pair, I can still make use of the remaining one as the center of my flower!

I love making these roses, do let me know if you want to know how to make these.

 Tissue paper flower that has board pin in the center.

Small flowers that I added to the heart shape, used pearls as the center.

Simply used Glitter on this flower..
 Another type of Fabric flower..
 Ribbon Flower.

I love flowers, paper flowers, fabric flowers or any type of flowers they work wonders on your craft projects. 

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